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Tahir Anderson Duckett is a civil rights lawyer and activist in Washington, DC, who believes in a movement for safety and justice that doesn’t rely on policing and incarceration. 

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Tahir Anderson Duckett has spent fifteen years listening, advocating, and organizing in communities across the country. He worked as an attorney at Relman Colfax, a nationally renowned civil rights law firm specializing in discriminatory policing, housing, lending, employment, education, and public accommodation. He was also a founding executive committee member of Law For Black Lives-DC (L4BLDC), an organization providing legal and policy support to the Movement for Black Lives in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. As part of L4BLDC, Tahir has facilitated and participated in dozens of formal trainings, teach-ins, and conversations about alternatives to policing and prisons.

Tahir worked his way through law school at the Georgetown University Law Center, where he graduated magna cum laude. While at law school he founded and directed ReThink, an organization dedicated to preventing sexual violence before it starts, with a particular focus on adolescent boys. While at the helm of ReThink, Tahir identified and taught hundreds of adults to build a culture of consent, empathy, and emotional awareness among adolescent boys in their communities--all while not relying on criminal responses to sexual violence. Prior to starting ReThink, he worked for eight years as an organizer with the labor movement, most recently directing the AFL-CIO's young worker program.


Raised in Atlanta, GA, he earned degrees in Religion and Political Science from Emory University. He resides in Washington, DC, with his wife Audrey.


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